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Thcheap wristbands for partiese residential building with fake windows. cheapwristbandsforparties

Thcheap wristbands for partiese residential building with fake windows.

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    Property developers promising one thing and delivering something else is not uncommon. But what is not common is this: A home owner discovered that the windows on the building"s staircase were hand-drawn images, reported Heilongjiang Network and Broadcasting Television on Wednesday.

    Li Yantao, a resident in Harbin, Northeast China"s Heilongjiang province, bought a residential apartment in March.

    However, when the construction of building was near completed last month, Li found there was no window in the staircase of the building. She was still more upset when she saw some fake windows were painted on the wall a couple of days later.

    According to a manger surnamed Wang from the property developer, the residential building uses mechanical compression for ventilation, instead of natural ventilation, thus having no window in the staircase. And the painted windows are intended to make the building look similar to its blueprint.