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A farewell to paplastic bracelets for fundraisingper train tickets plasticbraceletsforfundraising

A farewell to paplastic bracelets for fundraisingper train tickets

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    China is to pilot E-ticket for high-speed trains nationwide next year, Lu Dongfu, general manager of China Railway Corp, said on a forum recently.

    Passengers will be able to swipe their phones or ID cards to enter into the station, without presenting paper tickets, said Lu.

    Entering railway stations by swiping ID card is now available at railway stations in most big cities across China, while at stations in some remote areas, passengers still need the paper ticket to get on the train.

    Up to now, the upgrading and transformation of train tickets in China has gone through four generations. Now let"s take a glance at them.

    The first generation: hardboard paper ticket, used from the 1940s to the 1990s. [Photo from Web]
    The second generation: soft paper ticket, launched in 1997. Compared with the paperboard, the time used in selling a ticket has been much shortened from a minute and half to seconds. From 2009, train number, price and other travel information can be encrypted in the QR code on the ticket. [Photo/VCG]
    The third generation: magnetic ticket. Firstly introduced on July 1, 2007, the blue ticket uses magnetic medium to record ticket information and can be used on self-service ticket checking machines. [Photo/VCG]
    The fourth generation: paper-less ticket, ID card. Since 2011, passengers can swipe their ID cards on the self-service machine to take the train in Beijing-Tianjin Inner-city Express Railway and Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway. [Photo/VCG]
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